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As part of our jewellery manufacturing service, we offer casting services for either single custom or mass-produced jewellery pieces.

Casting jewellery is a process in which a wax model is placed inside an investment material, melted out of the mould to form a cavity, and filled with molten gold or precious metals to form a piece of jewellery.

The jewellery is then removed from the mould, finished, polished and, if need be, set with gemstones by experienced artisans.

Our decades of experience, up-to-date equipment, and high-quality alloys ensure that we can assist you with all your jewellery casting needs, be it a single custom jewellery piece or bulk orders. Contact us

Common Questions

How much does jewellery casting cost?

The cost depends entirely on the scope of your jewellery project. You will receive a quotation for approval before work commences.

How long does jewellery casting take?

The time depends entirely on the scope of your jewellery project. You will receive an estimated completion date with your quotation.

Manufacturing Process



A wax pattern of the jewellery is created and built in a tree-like structure starting at the base.



The wax tree is then placed in a flask with investment powder (plaster slurry) that has been mixed with water to create an “invested” mould.



After drying, the mould is then placed into a kiln to burn away the wax and prepare it for molten metals.



While the flask is still hot, molten precious metal is poured into the hollow cavity (invested flask) using a casting machine to ensure that the metal is perfectly smelted within a pressurised inert gas atmosphere to provide the best results.



The flask is quenched in cold water to wash away the powder leaving behind a cooled casting of the jewellery which is then removed for hand finishing, polishing and setting.