Jewellery Manufacture

Surrounded by integrity

We offer a full-service jewellery manufacturing facility with a high level of manufacturing standards and secure work environment.

All our services are offered in-house by our team of skilled craftsmen who have decades of experience as goldsmiths and setters.

Your jewellery can be manufactured by us from start to finish, or you can choose to use a selection of our services based on your needs and preferences.

Contact us to discuss your jewellery project.

All services performed in-house

Quality work to your satisfaction

Experienced goldsmith and setters

Quick turnaround time

Confidentiality 100% guaranteed

Common Questions

What type of jewellery do you design?

We specialise in designing and manufacturing engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, studs, bracelets and diamond pendants. However, if you have something unique in mind, please contact us to discuss your idea.

How much does it cost to manufacture jewellery?

The cost depends entirely on the scope of your jewellery project. You will receive a quotation for approval before work commences.

How long does it take to complete a jewellery item?

The time depends entirely on the scale and intricacy of the design. You will receive an estimated completion date with your quotation.

Which precious metals do you use to make jewellery?

We manufacture to SANS 21 standard alloys (18,14 or 9 carat white or yellow gold, platinum or palladium).

Which precious metals and gemstones do you provide?

We provide a wide variety of precious metals, diamonds and precious stones for your bespoke project.

May I supply my own gemstones?

Yes, you are most welcome to supply your own gemstones.

May I provide my own precious metal?

As a refinery, we can offer you a credit to the value of any precious metals you supply for the manufacture of your jewellery.

Do you deliver?

Yes, once we have completed your jewellery project to our standards, we will arrange secure courier delivery to you within 24 hours countrywide.

Manufacturing Process



We use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create a visual prototype (rendered images) of your jewellery.



Our 3-D wax printing facility is a computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) device that will turn your computer-aided design into a physical model ready for casting.



To create a mould of your jewellery, we use a lost wax process (also known as investment casting) to cast the wax model into metal. During this process, the 3-D printed wax model is placed inside plaster (an investment material), melted out of the mould to form a cavity, then filled with precious metal to form a piece of jewellery.



Our artisans will finish your jewellery by working off and polishing the item. The item will then be set with gemstones (if required).